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The Purpose of Sweating

I vividly remember a time when I’d close myself indoors to hide from the climbing temperatures outside. Although I lived out west and the air was dry, my tolerance for the sun’s presence was pretty pathetic. I was always seeking for cold, hissing at a wave of heat. I squinted at the sunshine outside my window, wondering when such a hell would pass and I could engulf myself in the freezing throng of winter again. I had a lot of reasons for feeling this way, but one in particular was that I hated the sensation of sweating.
Let’s go to last year. Biloxi, Mississippi. One of my favorite places on God’s green Earth. This is where Heavenly Father really challenged me physically. This was my first area where I shared a car. A lot of you who served foreign missions will probably roll your eyes and tell me I was pampered for even having a car, and honestly, you’re right. I was. At this point in my mission, I’d been blessed to have a car full-time in each area. But, in Biloxi, we shared two cars…

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