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After the Manner of Happiness

Remember that one time I had a blog?
I’m sorry it’s taken me months to add another entry. I’ve felt impressed to continue this. I know I need to; life got in the way. But, I’m here now, and there’s a subject pressing on my mind.
I found myself in therapy a few years ago discussing some emotional struggles I was having at college. One thing my therapist told me was that I needed to work on accepting my negative emotions.
I thought I was doing that. I was accepting how torturous and awful they were and actively trying to get rid of them. That’s what he meant, right?
Negative emotions are things I’m always running from. In my head, if I felt a negative emotion—anger, sadness, depression, irritation—it would mean acting against how the Savior would. He would not snap at His friends; He would not ignore His homework because He was sad; He would not struggle to say prayers because He was angry and didn’t want His Heavenly Father to know.
Burying them became natural. Seeing the lighter side of…

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